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    Our mission is simple. Get more money into the pockets of our customers so they can pay for things like food, healthcare and education. 

    We do that by creating affordable products that farmers can use to dramatically increase productivity, which means greater profits and far more income harvest after harvest.

    We started in 2004 with our first product: a foot-operated irrigation pump that makes sure water is there when farmers need it, especially during the six months in Myanmar when there’s no rain.  It more than pays for itself in just one growing season and boosts farmers’ incomes by as much as 300 percent. Even more in some cases.  

    Now, just a few years later, we’re designing, manufacturing, marketing and supporting a full-line of nearly a dozen products from irrigation to off-grid solar lighting, and distributing through a network of private dealers that reaches 80 percent of the country’s rural population.  

    It’s the only seamless product ecosystem of its kind designed expressly for the poor in the entire world. And even more remarkable, it’s all right here in Myanmar, a country most traditional aid organizations avoid. Not us. We’re anything but traditional. 

    Because we operate more like a business, we can scale our efforts faster so more help gets to more people in a more efficient way. 

    Does that mean families pay for our products? Absolutely. But at prices even the poor can afford. By treating our neighbors as customers and not recipients of charity we learn every day whether our products have real value or not. With their hard-earned money on the line, customers use our products year after year. And that’s sustainable behavior that leads to more family income for the things they need most.

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